WordAds Earnings 2017


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This is my WordAds review for my website (which you’re currently on).

So without writing a novel, let’s get straight into what you came here for…the $$$


I’ve only been displaying WordAds on my website for 2 months and as you can see my total earnings are $104.76 USD. Note all amounts are in American dollars.

$36.58 in March, then $68.18 in April.

My website views for those months:



It’s important to know how my ads are laid out, as earnings and stats will obviously vary depending on how you set it up. I’m using a WordPress theme called “Expound” which automatically enables a banner ad at the top of every page, a side banner, and 2 ads at the bottom of the page. So on my website there are 4 ads total per page.

You’ll also notice the ad impressions are nowhere near as high as my website views. This is apparently due to people using Adblock, or other factors. Users must also physically see the ad in their screen (scroll down to the ad) for it to be counted as an impression.

How it works

You are paid solely on ad impressions (views). It doesn’t matter whether the ads are clicked or not, which is good if you have decent traffic.

If you use WordPress and are on the free plan (yoursite.wordpress.com) you won’t be eligible for WordAds. You need to have a custom domain, or upgrade to a paid plan (cheapest is $3.99 AUD per month) which should be pretty easy to cover from your earnings.

Approval was instant, all I had to do was upgrade from the free plan, apply, and ads began to appear on my website.

Payment can be received by a PayPal account. And you must reach a minimum of $100 total to be paid.

Rates (CPM)

Going just off my earnings over 2 months, I’d say WordAds CPM rate is anywhere from $3-7 per 1,000 impressions. Which is actually very good, as they say the standard CPM rate is around $1 per 1,000 views.

Nobody will be able to give you a straight answer of your rate though, this is just my earnings and it is influenced by a number of factors. As you can see, in March I had 16,000 more hits than April, and 3,000 more ad impressions according to the WordAds report. However I earned almost double in April than what I earnt in March, and I couldn’t tell you why.

It’s probably also important to understand a bit more about my website to understand my earnings.

About my website

It’s a local news website based in Australia in a small country area and most of my views are repeat visitors.

Most of my traffic is driven from when I post links to articles on its Facebook page (10,000 followers)

Very little traffic comes from search engines, but I’m looking into improving my search engine rankings and SEO knowledge.


Overall, I think WordAds is great. 10/10. For the amount traffic I get, it’s a decent amount of money, and being Australian, the US dollar converts to more Australian dollars for me.

I think it’s a great alternative to to other ad networks, which can actually be quite difficult and time consuming to be approved.

Most networks pay per click (CPC) meaning people must click your ads for you to earn any money. With WordAds, you get paid just for visitors to your website, without needing them to click your ads.

Click here to start creating your website with WordPress, and make money from WordAds, its so easy. It would be a big help to me if you sign up through the above link, as I will get a bonus for referring you 🙂


7 thoughts on “WordAds Earnings 2017

  1. I recently applied for WordAds on November 20th this year and was approved the next day, even though I didn’t even hit the 10,000 views-per-month mark ever since I moved to a custom domain. I already had my blog since late 2012, so I wonder if that might have been a factor as well. Perhaps they have an actual person to look at the content in their decision-making process.

    I talked about my own experience with WordAds here:


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