School uniform outrage


Traralgon college have set strict guidelines on their required school uniform, sparking outrage amongst parents and children.

A large amount of students were receiving detentions for simply having uniform without the schools logo.

It’s understood parents were not given enough notice to organise logos for their children’s uniforms, causing outrage.

The school recently posted on Facebook but have since removed it due to abusive comments and threats toward the school.


17 thoughts on “School uniform outrage

  1. as far as im concerned the logo issue is crap i went to this school many many years ago
    it was always blue jeans or blue trackies and a blue hoodie…
    it was easy neat and affordable for all families ..
    as long as all students are actually wearing appropriate clothing for there age in a basic color rage there shouldn’t be an issue ,,
    at the end of the day it is a government school and the they should be focusing on the students education is priority ….
    not focus on if the are in the wrong brand pants or dont have a logo i can assure you if my child ets a detention are is sent out of class over a logo or pants type the teacher who does it would want to be prepared to be dealing with me


  2. I used to go to this school and honestly if the education system is still the same as it was 10 years ago then maybe the uniform should be the last thing to try and fix it’s not that it’s bad school it just lacks in all the fundamentals that are needed to have people who will succeed in life, if you want your school to not be looked at as a crappy school then maybe you should start with what matters not with how people look


  3. They winge becuase the pants we are all confortable woth have the elastic cuff at the bottom woppy doo they are comfy the actul pants use want us to wear arnt and dont fit all sizes


  4. as a government run school,parents used to be able to apply through the school for a free uniform ,everyone should apply for said uniform see how much they really want conformity


  5. From a former Traralgon Tech School student, uniform in our day consisted of a Grey Jumper with school logo, school tie and a Blazer if you wanted one. Trousers and shirt were just plain grey, without logos. Why do you need a logo on yours pants,heavens knows. Business’s have a corporate logo on their pants or skirts for tax purposes,but that doesn’t apply to students. A problem is, Traralgon Secondary College, since the merger of the High School and Tech School, have been very lax with regards to school uniform and are now trying to change it heavy handedly.


  6. As a former student many years back, school uniform consisted of blue tracksuit pants or blue jeans, and school polo shirt an every kid complied no major issues, over time it has changed i get that, tho that being said are you in your right mind going to punish children for wearing tracksuit pants? I may add that are the right colour! Not green or pink with purple polkadots but blue, the school uniform colour! Get a grip here folks! Isn’t learning and education far more beneficial for a child then the right type of pants?? Talk about splitting hairs a tad!


  7. I dont have a child at this school, but i understand youd like children in school uniform because it looks more professional and so no one is judged or picked on for what they wear but because they don’t have a simple logo on it, thats ridiculous! Children go to school to learn and have an education, not worry because they dont have a logo.. you need to realise this isnt a private school this is a public school. You as a school is taken this way to far, maybe spend more time focusing on bullying and harrasment and other issues within in your school, such as the appearance of the school (its run down and always left in dirty state) than a simple logo


  8. What i dont get is that they said we could go to kmart and get the $8 navy blue pants and shorts and it didnt matter if there was a logo or not but when it comes to factory blue pants were not aloud to wear them. One of the teachers there called me and my friend ratty because we where wearing blue factorys. I refused to go to there detions because i think it is stupid and unfair. Its funny that they care more about their uniform then they do the education.


  9. If the school had strict rules wearing the correct uniform from year 7 onwards… no one wouldn’t have had a problem wearing it.
    But because you have left it so late and let every student wear them repeatedly, it’s your own fault, the school pants are uncomfortable… and scratchy!
    The factorie pants make kids feel comfortable because they are cotton, and me personally… when I’m comfy I work better… so I think you’s should focus more on the education? Because it one of the worst schools in the state :)) and that is probably what makes our school ‘ratty’ that the teachers focus more on the way we look.. distracting us students from our learning.
    Then what our parents pay for… education I believe that it.. 😂🖕🏼


  10. The pants that are provided from the uniform shops are only made in a slim design and are not an option for anyone of a larger size. There are only a few options to find the right coloured pants from other shops and in my opinion if you’re wearing the official top with logo and as long as the pants are appropriate and the right colour it shouldn’t be a problem its just nit picking and unnecessary.


  11. Last time i checked it is a GOVERNMENT school not a PRIVATE school… who gives a crap what colour their shoes are, get rid of this logo stuff on pants and shirts and shorts. THEY ARE WEARING UNIFORM. ITS NOT THE ARMY! Stop forcing students to wear slacks or P.E pants on certain days. Be greatful they have the basic uniform and colours on.. This is only going to cause financial hardship and/or stress on parents as well as students. This is only going to cause a war between students , parents and the schools.


  12. Yeah lets punish the children that come to school to learn. Therfore clearly dont have jobs to pay for a logo as long as they are in the right color clothes get a grip. Would not be sending my children to an unfair school punishment to children because mum/dad could not afford a logo


  13. I don’t think it’s fair because there blue pants anyways Tc students have been wearing them for over 3 year and they have just had a problem with it, but what we don’t get they say we can wear the slacks without logo but can’t wear these pants I’ve been told by a few teachers too leave the school and been taken out of class nearly 5 times each day for the past week and a half have too catch up on homework because they care about our pants more then our education 🙂


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