How to get a Platinum Crown Rewards card without spending any money

I became a platinum card holder at Crown Casino in 1 week, while studying at uni and working part time at McDonalds without spending ANY money.

Yes it’s true, you have to spend roughly $50,000 in a 6 month period to become platinum. But you don’t have to exactly lose that amount.

I was living the life, getting treated like a VIP, free alcohol, free food, and being allowed into the forbidden and mysterious Mahogany Room, and I can tell you from experience – its insane. Famous people everywhere, stunning interior designing, and high rollers betting amounts that would make you sick.

You will need 100 status credits to reach platinum. To get 1 status credit you need to earn 500 rewards points.

Here’s how I did it…

Sign up to CrownBet and link it to your crown rewards account. CrownBet will give you points to earn status credits:

$5 on a single sports bet = 1 point

$1 on racing = 1 point

$1 sports multi = 1 point

Basically all I did was sure thing multi bets that couldn’t lose. 2 legs both paying $1.01. Sure, I would win hardly anything, but it was all about getting the points. Multi bets will get you 1 point for every $1, so this method requires you to do $50,000 in multi bets to reach platinum. I did 10 $5,000 multis, which all won so I didn’t lose a cent, and bang, I was platinum. If you only did single sports bets, you would need to bet a massive $250,000.

This is by far the easiest, quickest, and safest way to get a lot of points. Don’t waste your time and money playing table games or pokies, they barely earn any points. Same with paying for expensive hotel rooms, yes its a quick and easy way to get points, but you’ll still need to spend a ridiculous amount of money on them.

Sign up to CrownBet here and you’ll get $500 for free. I recommend doing this to help you on your way to the platinum club. See you in the Mahogany Room!

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