Confusing Morwell traffic lights

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ANOTHER dash cam video has captured numerous times where people have been confused over this popular Morwell intersection.

To explain it simply, vehicles waiting in the left lane must only stay in the left lane when turning, while a vehicle in the right lane has the option to merge onto one of the two right lanes.

Watch the video here:

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One thought on “Confusing Morwell traffic lights

  1. This happens to me everytime i go threw those lights.. and thats sometimes 4 Times in one day!!

    Half the issue is ppl just dont give a shit.. the other issue is there is no sign stating left lane must go left right must go right so ppl think they can swap n change like morons!!
    Also it seems police never actually act on any of these a hole drives.. they cut ppl off time n time again and never get into trouble.. camera should be put up n ppl should be fined for changing lanes threw an intersection.. seeing it actually is illegal! Was in my learners book and i did google it once so unless its changed since then why are these ppl not being fined.. there is way worse intersections in melb and no one is bitching about intersection they just ring n doub in the driver who cut them off n they get fine in mail.. why arent we doing the same.


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