Smoking ban in all outdoor dining areas

From August 1st, smoking will be banned in all commercial outdoor dining areas in Victoria.

Councils are notifying businesses and the community about changes to the Tobacco Act that ban smoking in all outdoor areas where food can be served.

This includes footpath dining areas outside stores, courtyards and beer gardens during times when food can be ordered.


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The tobacco reform also bans smoking outdoors at food fairs and festivals where the primary activity is the supply of food.

It will also regulate e-cigarettes and shisha tobacco in the same way as normal tobacco products.

The changes come into effect August 1st, 2017.

3 thoughts on “Smoking ban in all outdoor dining areas

  1. Non smokers, of which I am one, wanted smokers out, they went out. Non smokers then decided, as seating was provided, that they want outside as well. Well excuse me, smokers pay more damn taxes(or excise, uphemism for tax) than a non smoker, how come they get driscriminated against CONSTANTLY.


  2. How come there is no consultation with smokers on these issues, next we will have to wear a bell around our necks,very unfair ,a lot of venues have these facilities just for smoking and then some clown wants to sit there who is a nonsmoker and have everyone removed,going to be interesting to see how it is enforced


  3. Outdoor dining areas. Is fine

    But footpath tables where people can eat
    Is just stupid
    That means u would have to cross the road so u don’t walk in the eating area

    In that case ban smoking in the cbd area


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