Hidden time capsules all over The Valley

There are hidden time capsules all over the Latrobe Valley – An estimated 300 now.

They are better known as “Geocaches” part of a downloadable app called “Geocaching”, a worldwide Global Positioning Sytem (GPS) game that anyone can play.


What are Geocaches?

They are similar to time capsules, hidden all over the world, some big like the size of a large box, and some small like the size of a pebble.

“Geocaches” can contain all sorts of items, but must have at least a log book in which hunters can sign when they have found it.

The Geocaching app leads hunters to where a Geocache is located via GPS, then they must try and locate the cache, which is hidden from plain sight to avoid disturbance from people who don’t know about Geocaching.

Some can be very easy, like a box located under a bush. Some can be very difficult and creative, we have seen one hidden inside a fake rock!

The idea was first coined by American Matt Stum.

Anyone can hide Geocaches, and anyone can find them.

Rock cache with Bison-228x228
Sneaky rock container. Buy here

The app is rapidly growing, and The Latrobe Valley is now home to around 300 Geocaches. Happy hunting

cCCTV sign reduced-500x500.jpg
Evil sign Geocache. Buy here

AA Battery cache 1-228x228.JPG
Fake battery Geocache. Buy here

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