Ghost stories of The Valley

Do you know of any local legends? Or maybe an experience of your own? Share them in the comments below. 

We’ve heard numerous stories about the ghost of Maffra-Sale Road, said to only be sighted on foggy nights. 

There’s also the story of the girl who’s been seen on Haunted Hills road between Moe and Morwell. 

Above: Haunted Hills Road

But the one that gets our attention is “The lady of the swamp”. 

In 1952, a lady by the name of Margaret Clement disappeared without a trace from her property near Leongatha, in one of Australia’s greatest unsolved mysteries. 

Margaret and her sister Jeanie lived in their mansion, but became isolated from the outside world when the surrounds of their 2000 acre property became severely flooded. 

Above: The Clement house

When Jeanie passed away naturally in 1950, police had to make their way through kilometres of waist high water and house high blackberry bushes to retrieve her body from the crumbling mansion. 

For two more years Margaret would live alone with her dog Dingo, before she mysteriously vanished, and her body never being found. 

Her dog Dingo however, was found dead, with fatal injuries to its neck. 

Above: Margaret with her dog Dingo

The spotlight was turned to the Clements neighbours, but there was no evidence of foul play, and no arrests were ever made. 

The case was also complicated by bones from a female body found buried in a shallow grave nearby, however they were unable to identify the remains to be of Margaret Clement. 

The mystery remains unsolved to this day, and her spirit is said to still haunt the area today with many sightings in the area, in what is described as one of Australia’s most baffling missing person cases. 

Above: The house today

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