The curious case of Traralgon’s Cold Rock

Last year, Cold Rock ice creamery in Traralgon ceased business.

Without much notice or media attention, they closed their doors for good, and it was assumed the business wasn’t doing well.

However, recent communication from Cold Rock headquarters suggests otherwise, stating the closure was due to personal reasons from the franchise owner, and the business was not doing as bad as suggested, according to head of operations at Cold Rock ice creamery.

Traralgon’s Cold Rock was located on the corner of Princes Highway and Grey Street, in the former location of Pizza Hut, before moving across the road to Post Office Place with “It’s all Grk” souvlaki shop, which also closed down.

What do you think? Could Cold Rock be given another chance and succeed in Traralgon? Have your say.

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One thought on “The curious case of Traralgon’s Cold Rock

  1. I hope this is not another case of franchises ripping off franchicees. Many of these “business” models set up the owners to fail while the big business makes there money from start -up and ongoing contracts designed basically like pyramid schemes.


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