Batten down the hatches

“It is an event that poses a threat to life, there will be a massive amount of lightning, there will be roads cut, flood waters,” Mr Williams said.

The Bureau of Meterology has issued The Latrobe Valley with a warning about dangerously wet conditions across Victoria in a 72 hour period. Victorians have been told to brace for a “vast, high-impact” weather event beginning to roll in.

From tomorrow the heavy rain will start, with The Latrobe Valley expecting to receive up to 200mm of rainfall, more than its entire summer’s worth, by Sunday.

BOM Operations Centre Senior Meteorologist Scott Williams said the state should prepare for a “10/10” dangerous weather event.

He said the worst of the conditions will be through Friday night into Saturday morning.

“We’re going to have major problems across the state…,” Mr Williams said.

“Half the inhabitants of the state have probably never seen something like this.”

This is a timely reminder not to drive through flooded waters no matter where they are. Rivers and creeks are expected to rise so please avoid camping near them.

The SES and emergency services are likely to be busy so please keep a look out for them. Don’t make extra work for them either! If roads are blocked do not enter them.

Take care people!

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