Latrobe Valley Christmas Light Locations 2017

Want to know where to go Christmas Light looking in the Latrobe Valley this year? We have put together a list of the best addresses for 2017. If you find any more on your travels, please let us know and we will keep the list updated.


32 Haywood Street

13 Dargo Crescent

3 John Street

4 Leonard Street

138 Mary Street

25 Nindoo Drive

Gabo Way

Karlo Court

172 Vincent Road

98 Elgin Street

Williams Street

Porter Street

Andrew Street

359 Princes Drive


6 Giles Place

Doyne Crescent

West Court

Parkwood Way

High Street

Swallow Grove

Albert Street

Grey Street


11 Kingsburgh Court

13 Osbourne Street

24 Riley Street

14 Tasman close

Greythorn Road

Jack Farmer Way

131 Hammersmith Crescent


3 Margaret Street

19 Caldwall Street

Burnside Street

33 John Street

149 Service Road

84 Vale Street

Pruden Street

Coalville Road

Wirrana Drive

Scorpio Drive

Mitchell Street

Monte Crescent

Elizabeth Street

Sheffield Street

11 Stoddard Street


29 Third Street

31 Third Street

35 Third Street

1 Kelso Road

44 East Street

43 Anderson Avenue

10 Roxburg Road

Fairway Drive


Bond Court

Ohara Court

3/4 Box Court

1 Mulcare Crescent

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