Funding is here for you now


If you own a business in the Latrobe Valley, or plan to start one, funding and assistance may be available for you.

Find below some of the many funds and grants available, useful links and contact details. These are part of The Latrobe Valley Economic Facilitation Fund, a $10 million fund established as the first initiative under the $40 million Latrobe Valley Economic Development Program


Back to Work Scheme
Wage subsidies of up to $5,000 and training costs of up to $4,000 are available through the State Revenue Office (SRO) for the employment of full time, eligible employees. Pro-rata rates apply to part-time positions.

For more information please call Tony Flynn on 1800 136 762.


Economic Growth Zone Incentive Fund
The reimbursement of any State or local government fees incurred in the establishment of an eligible business within the Latrobe Valley Region.


State Revenue Office Stamp Duty Calculators




Latrobe Valley Economic Facilitation Fund (LVEFF) – Regional Development Victoria
Negotiable financial assistance for growing existing business, attracting new business and developing market access for new or expanding businesses.


Small Business Support Information


Industry Capability Network (ICN)


Red Tape Commissioner
The Red Tape Commissioner works with Victoria’s business community and Government to help cut red tape and improve regulation.

Dr Matthew Butlin is the the current Red Tape Commissioner. Matthew believes the best way to understand the impact of red tape is to hear first hand the experience of people affected by it.
The Commissioner can be contacted at and issues can be recorded through the red tape rubbish bin. The red tape rubbish bin allows you to tell the Commissioner about the red tape issues frustrating you.


Red Tape Rubbish Bin
Issues for the Red Tape Commissioner can be recorded through the Red Tape Rubbish Bin.


Advice on Extended Support through the Latrobe Valley Authority 
Mike Timpano, Director, Economic Development and Investment can be contacted on 0408 534 493 for advice on whether or not your proposal might warrant extended support.

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