Have your say on the Traralgon bypass: Interactive map

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With the planning of the Traralgon bypass in progress, VicRoads are encouraging local feedback.

Funding of $1.4 million towards planning, aims to decrease traffic in Traralgon and improve safety and amenity to the area, as well as provide a faster, more direct route for passing traffic.

The interactive map allows you to drag items onto your chosen location on the map and leave comments which will all be reviewed. It is open until February 28.

Have your say here:



classic bet.png


7 thoughts on “Have your say on the Traralgon bypass: Interactive map

  1. It’s about time! Other towns around Traralgon have been bypassed and survived. If I’m passing through, I don’t want to suffer the congestion that is Traralgon. I would rather drive in the city than suffer Saturday morning traffic going through. So many traffic lights and roundabouts, it’s a joke. Trucks and caravans do not stop as it’s just too busy to try and get a park. Traralgon has a big enough population to support its shops, and outsiders will still come. But let those who have no intention of stopping have a safer, quicker trip to their destination. This has gone on long enough, stop the talking and just get it done!

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    • I only shop in Traralgon if l really have to because of all the congestion, lights, round abouts, school pick up time is murder


    • If that were a valid consideration, then we should think about re-routing the Princes Highway to also pass through Glengarry, Toongabbie, Heyfield and Maffra – “for their businesses”.
      I believe everyone passing through the Traralgon area ideally should have a choice: bypass if they don’t want to stop for anything or divert into the town if they want food, goods or a break. Not force 100% through for the 3% who want to stop.


  2. It’s pretty stupid for those that live up Sheepwash Creek Road don’t have an option!!! There Road and many others that live along that stretch are blocked off! Something should have been done to have it be easier for them. It’s bullshit they have to cut a lap up and back just to go into town! They really didn’t think of the locals that lived there forever.


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