Disabled Girl Lured and Brutally Bashed

Warning: graphic images and content.

Two 15-year-olds and a 12-year-old have allegedly tortured and violently attacked a 17-year-old disabled girl in the early hours of Monday morning.

It’s believed the three female assailants lured the victim to a Moe picnic area, via text, pretending to be her boyfriend.

It was then when the unrelenting attack took place while being recorded on a mobile phone and later posted on the internet.

The intellectually disabled teen was forced to inhale broken glass from her smashed phone screen before her hands were burnt on a hot barbecue.

The defenceless teen suffered severe facial injuries after her face was repeatedly smashed into a picnic table.

The tormentors then threw the victim to the ground where she was then kicked and punched.

The two 15-year-olds have been charged with accounts of robbery and assault however the younger offender has been released on bail to appear in children’s court.

The victim was taken to hospital and is now recovering at home.

The incident has left the town in disbelief and the victims mother describes the attack as “disgusting” resulting in injuries so severe it has left her daughter “unrecognisable”.


13 thoughts on “Disabled Girl Lured and Brutally Bashed

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  2. Their names have already been spread all over Facebook,,,,,The Judicial System wont help at all and it will all be forgotten in a month,, Sad to say I live in Moe where this happened


  3. How about wondering where these girls kids parents were and how their children ended up so horrible. Looking intobthe causes makes prevention of similar cases in the future possible.
    Naming and shaming will only make these kids angrier and more anti social.
    Where were the parents??!


  4. This is disgusting, bullying by itself is a big enough problem but against a girl who clearly could defend and with a disability… it’s appalling either bring back the death sentence or lock them up and let karma kick them in the arse behind bars for the rest of thier lives!


  5. I say the law is not doing anything so let’s fine then and smash there faces into a hot BBQ till they are unrecognizable and dis fingered for the rest of there lives! That way when they look in a mirror they will remember what they did!


  6. The sad part is they are protected and you cannot “name and shame them” . It is beyond comprehension , they need to be removed from society.


  7. Our justice system is screwed up, how do you let people off with a visiouse crime like that, they get to live their lives and the poor girl suffers for the rest of hers, that’s why these kids do what ever they like, no respect for anyone 😳😥😥😥


  8. I don’t care how old they are, keep them locked up, so they cant do it again, they should be ashamed of themselves. but they wont care.


    • when these thugs decided to beat & kick this poor girl, did they ever think that it was going to ruin her life forever? no!! so maybe they need to be named so they will forever be looking over their shoulders in fear of their own lives.


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