Planning a trip towards Melbourne in the next 3 nights? You may want to reschedule…

Between the 1st and 4th of February, a 256-tonne generator will be transported from Traralgon to Webb Dock in Port Melbourne.

This is a very time conscious and complex operation due to the size and overall weight involved in moving the generator. The transport vehicle will be 108m in length, 6.5m wide, 5m tall and will weigh in at 650 tonnes. Because of these factors it will also travel very slowly, at about 20km/h.

VicRoads will have a crew on site for the whole operation, making sure the roads stay safe during and after the move. They’ll be assisting to get the vehicle safely around corners, temporarily removing signage and lights, placing steel supports over existing drainage and then putting everything back in place once the vehicle has passed.

VicRoads will have a large team of experts planning a traffic route that is most capable of handling the sheer weight of the load, as well as a path that will have the least amount of impact on the travelling public.

The first leg of the journey will see the convoy travel from Loy Yang and Officer between 6pm Thursday 1 February and 5am Friday 2 February. The convoy will travel along the Princes Highway (East) along the M1 corridor for a significant portion of this journey.

The second leg will take place between 9pm Friday 2 February and 5am Saturday 3 February when the convoy will make its way from Officer, along the Princes Hwy & Heatherton Road, to the Dingley Bypass just before Warrigal Road.

On its final leg, the load will start its journey at 9pm Saturday 3 February from the Dingley bypass and travel along Warrigal Rd/North Rd/Nepean Rd/Beaconsfield Parade to Webb Dock in Port Melbourne where the generator will be loaded onto a cargo ship at about 5am Sunday 4 February.

Source: VicRoads

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