Still no “Future Morwell” 3 years on

The Future Morwell Urban Revitalisation Plan was an initiative set to fully reshape Morwell, and funding was received after the Hazelwood mine fire.

“This State Government funded project is being led by Latrobe City Council, RMIT University and a steering group of community members. The project will deliver a series of five priority projects to reshape Morwell over the next three years”.

It is believed the draft project that outlines a transformation of Morwell is still yet to be fully backed by Latrobe City councilors three years on.

The full Future Morwell Urban Revitalisation Plan can be viewed here

The Future Morwell funding came about by the State Government following the Hazelwood mine fire. It has been three years since the announcement and still no movement of putting the plan into action.

A key theme of the Future Morwell draft plan is to rebrand Morwell as a town of gardens. Permanent garden beds, a town circuit and attractive gateway entrance are all part of the plan.

See images below.

5 thoughts on “Still no “Future Morwell” 3 years on

  1. Latrobe Valley News also has a story about heritage listing of the Morwell briquette and power station. Getting the power station and briquette factories listed is part of the Future Morwell Plan. The development of a industrial heritage park to showcase the site was first proposed in the Future Morwell Plan. I made the nomination because of an imminent demolition of the facility last year, to protect the facility and enable that part of the Plan to be enacted.

    Other than that, since June 2016 Latrobe City Council has actively suppressed the Future Morwell Plan including hiding the Plan from State government Ministers, funding bodies, the public and media in the hope it will ‘die on the vine’. Rather than the $1.4m of the Future Morwell Project funding being spent on preparing the Plan and rolling out its first two major projects (Morwell Circuit and, township entrance way-linear park project), Latrobe City Council has garnered most of that funding and been wasting it away.
    Latrobe City Council management including Sara Rhodes Ward and Gary Van Driel, together with Councillor Kellie O’Callaghan and Graeme Middlemiss have been hostile to the FM Plan. Stopping, not supporting, an informed, competent and democratic transition Plan for Morwell that could be extended to the wide LV.


  2. A tender process independently away from the Morwell council should of occurred to engage a contractor/ builder with caviets to employee a percentage of locals to build what was agreed too. The council manages 3 towns and the money allocated by the government needs to be spent in Morwell, with on going audit process back to the Victorian government to be transparent on the spend.


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