Mitsubishi owners beware

A Latrobe Valley couple will need to fork out $15,000 for repairs to their brand new car, after Mitsubishi refused to cover the costs under their 5 year warranty.

Chris and Tash Blake purchased a Mitsubishi Challenger, for $35,000 just 2 years ago.

It broke down, and was towed to Mitsubishi Traralgon, for the 6th time since they’ve owned it. This time a “sludge” was found in the engine.

An oil sample was taken and sent off for lab testing. The results of the oil testing came back OK according to Mitsubishi.

Mitsubishi then sent a manager down to Traralgon to inspect the car, and make an assessment of whether the 5 year warranty would cover the costs of the repair, or if it would be at the Blake families expense.

The couple were shocked when they were told it would be at their expense and not Mitsubishi’s. They were told the car wasn’t serviced correctly and wrong oils were used.

However, the couple have log books of the service history, and the oil used was as suggested by mechanics, who are currently writing a statement to support the Blake family.

Tash said her family is struggling with everyday tasks, as it is their only car; “My husband works almost 2 hours away and has been couch surfing at friends houses. My son missed his 1st day of Kinder and was heartbroken.”

“Mitsubishi refused to give us a loan car. We live in a rural high fire danger area next to a plantation, if my 5 year old son and I have to evacuate we are in trouble”.

The Blake family wants to know if there are any other families who have been in a similar position, who may not have spoken out, and encourage them to come forward with their story.

“We are a one wage family and can’t afford legal representation, although we will try VCAT if its affordable”. Mrs Blake said.

3 thoughts on “Mitsubishi owners beware

  1. Mitsubishi Australia You suck!!!!!! They have blocked Brent and I due the handling or lack of, on a warranty claim for his Ute that is only 2 years old and only 57000klm. This is their post, which wants stories and NOT the truth. Disgraceful company. Hi there, thanks for your comment. We’d like this to be page for the Mitsubishi community to share their stories, however, we reserve the right remove comments that don’t comply with our Community Rules, which can be found here: We will not remove comments that comply with our Community Rules. . This may lead to being blocked from participating in further conversations.


  2. I have a Holden Cruze that is 5 years old and the motor blew up a couple of months ago. I was up for around $18,000 for repairs. Initially I was advised that it was not covered under warranty. I was beyond elated when they advised 3 weeks later that they were covering it under warranty. I am very grateful and lucky.
    I wish that you had this same experience 🙁


  3. I owned a Nissan vehicle that was brand new and continued to have faults. Had it serviced at dealership and would take it back when fault occurred. When I said that I had had enough of it and that they didn’t seem to be resolving fault and claimed it to be a LEMON and that I wanted either my money back or pay out remaining of loan they refused. Nissan headquarters failed to get back to me. I end up having to pay out loan and then more money to get new loan with a Mitsubishi which I have owned for a year and lucky have had no issue to date.


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