Target Morwell to close down

Target in Mid Valley shopping centre Morwell is set to close its doors for good.

Mid Valley management said the store is set to close its doors in June this year.

More details of the closure when available…


Target Australia confirmed the closure is due to their lease expiring.

They are unsure of how many jobs will be lost, but are working to redeploy employees elsewhere.

It will close on June 2nd 2018.

Reports also point to the closure of Coles in Mid Valley later this year.

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11 thoughts on “Target Morwell to close down

  1. Well this sucks! I go to this Target because the Target Country store near me is crap! I hate that they have different stores for the “country”… if we don’t need or want the same range of goods!


  2. I bought single bed sheets for my eldest daughter 2 year old Sarah, at Target Mid Valley store’s opening day in 1983. Have shopped there regularly for the last 35 years and will be sorry to see its demise. Another blow for the valley.


  3. Exorbitant rents from greedy landlords! Happening all over the Valley!
    Love going over to Target and checking out all the other shops – Target Country just isn’t the same (more like a clearance centre!)
    But, we’ll just have to wait and see!


  4. So disappointing, even after moving to Paynesville I still go back to Mid Valley for the Target store the one in Bairnsdale (Target Country) isn’t worth going into.😢


  5. Was it target that didnt renew thier lease or the mid valley store management that did renew thier lease?
    I love taget it the only store I can buy shirts that won’t shrink first wash let alone at all.


  6. So sad for all the dedicated friendly staff, l wonder what is next for the latrobe valley, town of hard knocks, our politicians have gone quiet.

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