Man threatens to kill primary school students in Moe

A MAN has pulled a knife and threatened to “stab to death” a group of school children while he walked by a primary school in Moe yesterday.

Police were called to a primary school on Elizabeth Street following reports of a suspicious man with a knife.

Investigators have been told a group of children were playing and laughing in the school grounds when the man walked past about 2pm.

It appears the man believed the children were laughing at him and subsequently produced a knife and threatened them, before walking off west on Elizabeth Street.

An anonymous source claimed the man said to the children, “I’ll f****** stab you to death”.

Police attended and spoke with staff.

The investigation remains ongoing.

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One thought on “Man threatens to kill primary school students in Moe

  1. How irresponsible of the media to run this story without consulting the school staff. Congratulations you have panicked a lot of parents and put extra pressure on the school who are trying to deal with this incident in a responsible and legal way.

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