39 Dogs and puppies rescued from appalling conditions

Wellington Shire Council rescued 39 dogs and puppies from a local rural property last week, after a tip off from the public.

The dogs were found living in filthy, cramped and borderline unliveable conditions.

They were seized by officers who were authorised under the Prevention Of Cruelty To Animals Act 1986.

Once the dogs were rescued, they received treatment and will be continued to be monitored.

Most of the adult dogs were pregnant, expecting to give birth soon.

The seizure was not from a registered breeding facility and investigations into suspected illegal breeding will continue throughout the area.

The council reminds people the importance of only purchasing pets from a registered breeder.

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3 thoughts on “39 Dogs and puppies rescued from appalling conditions

  1. Buying from a registered breeder does NOT mean you are buying from a good breeder- you could very well still be purchasing from a Puppy Farm.
    Wellington Shire is currently home to Victoria’s largest puppy farm.


    • True but buying from an unregistered breeder almost always ensures that u are buying from a puppy farm where dogs are abused!. We should introduce the death penalty for animal abusers!.


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