Circling police helicopter

A police helicopter has been circling Morwell reportedly the last couple of hours.

It’s believed the police helicopter was assisting the search of a possible wanted person/s, which have now been apprehended in Morwell, on Holmes Road.

A number of police cars were seen near Northern Reserve on Holmes Road, with an apprehended male.

It is unknown if there are more suspects at this stage.

More details to come when available.

5 thoughts on “Circling police helicopter

  1. They had a helicopter hovering over morwell at about 930 pm last night for close to an hou near to top pub and so low I had to turn up the tv almost full volume I checked the net then no explanation for a helicopter hovering no disaster the police decided to disturb the peace then who’s there to stop them there above the laws we have to abide to


  2. They are looking for the heat signatures of meth labs grow houses and that sort of stuff so if you are cooking the poison stop as the police no where you live


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